CDV’s Two Products Won CRTA Science and Technology Innovation Award

China Radio and Television Equipment Industrial Association’s (CRTA) Science and Technology Innovation Award is based on the official document of the National Office for Science and Technology Awards of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China and established at the approval of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The award certificate number is National Science and Technology Award No. 0158. The award aims to reward products, technologies, organizations, and individuals who have made great contributions to promoting the scientific progress of China’s radio and television equipment. It is undertaken by the China Radio and Television Equipment Industrial Association.

“CRTA Science and Technology Innovation Award” is designed to commend and encourage enterprises to make independent innovation, further mobilize their initiative and creativity of scientific and technological innovation, enhance their ability to innovate independently, promote the formation of a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main player, and facilitate technological progress of the radio and television industry. 

In the selection, CDV’s VSE xMotion 8K ultra-high-definition video production and playback system and Wesphere county-level convergence media solution were highly recognized by the review experts and awarded the 2018 CRTA Science and Technology Innovation Excellence Award and Innovation Award, which fully confirmed CDV’s outstanding contribution to radio and television equipment science. This was also the first time that CDV won two CRTA Science and Technology Innovation Awards with its innovation products.

It is worth mentioning that the two award-winning products focus on the current technical points of the radio and television industry, and put forward constructive opinions and solutions to the difficulties encountered in the process of deepening media convergence and promoting the development of ultra-high-definition video.

In recent years, CDV has paid close attention to new technologies and standards of ultra-high-definition video at home and abroad, gained a deep understanding of the development situation, problems and development needs of China’s ultra-high-definition video industry, and continued to develop innovation products that meet national standards and market demands. Meanwhile, it is also actively gathering momentum to provide ultra-high-definition broadcasting for the 2020 Olympic Games. It has successfully developed an 8K-based slow-motion playback system “VSE xMotion 8K” to meet the demand for live video playback of large sports events.

Previously, VSE xMotion has completed rebroadcast production tasks for the 2018 Russia World Cup, 2018 China Tennis Open, U21 International Beach Volleyball Championships, Indoor Bicycle Championships of National Games of China in Tianjin, and Chinese Football Association China League. 

Besides, in the face of deep media convergence, CDV has taken technological innovation in the field of media convergence as its key development task. In response to the urgent needs of building a county-level convergence media center, CDV has leveraged its technologies and experience in the field accumulated over the years, and launched Wesphere county-level convergence media solution to help the county- and city-level TV stations in transforming their traditional news business model into a new all-media business model.

Up to now, Wesphere has been successfully applied to more than 20 “county-level convergence media” projects in Linzi, Xinzheng, Zhenhai, Wenling, Danyang, Beilun, Suining, Jiaozuo, Datong, Jinzhong, Wuhan East and West Lakes, Haining, etc.

The two award-winning products will be unveiled one by one at the CCBN2019 exhibition site, where an ultra-wide large screen will be used to create shocking visual effects, and comprehensively demonstrate CDV’s new achievements in media convergence and ultra-high-definition technology in the current stage. Senior technical experts will use classic practice cases to explain the product features, and further elaborate on the meaning of “focusing on ultra-high definition, leading media convergence”
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