Dunhuang Visual Effect Synthesis System

Dunhuang visual effect synthesis system is a new comprehensive product integrated with visual effect synthesis and video/audio editing and production and applied to post-package of film and TV programs; the system is established on the new-generation high-end visual effect synthesis and video/audio stream processing platform which is independently developed by China Digital Video (Beijing) Limited; the system is featured in powerful and rich editing function, interactive design environment, real-time visual effect and good compatibility, so as to form a complete and flexible post-package workflow and provide a powerful tool for TV program creators to get creativity and imagination and create visual effects fused with virtuality and reality; and it is a perfect product for post production of channel package, advertising film, title and trailer, MTV program, feature film, documentary and lengthy TV play.

HP-Z800 workstation 
Galaxy GTX470 video card 
Matrox LE2/500 board card 
8T disk array 
30-inch liquid crystal display

Handy operation of intuitive node-type flowchart interface
Dunhuang system has an advanced visual effect synthesis operation platform and applies an intuitive and efficient special effect flowchart synthesis working mode.
Operating mode integrated with editing and special effect synthesis 
Dunhuang system provides a unique integrated post production solution, namely, having perfect special effect synthesis means and complete editing means. The software interface has three operating desktops – material desktop, timeline desktop and flowchart desktop, supporting the complete workflow from material collection, editing and production to special effect synthesis.

Digital film production 
It is a post production system for films, digital films and HD films and it can complete editing, special effect, synthesis, color correction, subtitle and repair on the same platform, and obtain UHD effects with strong visual impact. 

2K/4K/6K UHD resolution processing 
Besides supporting materials with HDTV and SDTV resolutions, Dunhuang system can process materials with resolutions from 2k to 6k and materials with resolutions lower than 6k, will not cut any material during processing and synthesis but will maintain its original resolution.

Film-level post-synthesis color space 
Dunhuang system applies RGBA 4:4:4:4 color space and supports high dynamic range (HDR) rendering in the whole process. Input and output support 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit sampling for each color channel. Operation of internal effect and synthesis is based on 32-bit floating point data for each color channel.

Perfect optical quality coloring 
Dunhuang system provides high-quality film-level dimming and coloring for the first time in China, provides targeted LUT color management workflow and carries out real-time processing for linear or logarithmic images based on RGB optical quality.

Original smart mask 
The unique feature is automatic adding of feature points in the mask range and dynamic tracking after clicking “Tracking”, so as to generate dynamic changes to displacement, shape and rotation of mask based on material needs. Carry out smart calculation and avoid the tedious work of processing frame by frame.

Award-winning ultra chroma key
Dunhuang system provides various expert-level chroma key tools and optimized noise reduction tools, including automatic removal of color overflow, edge blending, advanced particle removal means, semi-transparent processing function, automatic edge extraction and edge color replacement capacity. 

Precise motion tracking and stabilization 
Dunhuang system can track motion elements precisely, eliminate camera shaking and stabilize pictures. In addition, it has a blurred motion tracking mode to process blurred motion elements precisely.

Sapphire special effect plug-in 
Dunhuang visual effect synthesis system supports OpenFX plug-in as well as hundreds of special effect plug-ins. Sapphire plug-in package from GenArts company is built in the system.

Powerful three-dimensional scene synthesizer
Dunhuang system is provided with an interactive and intuitive three-dimensional scene design environment with powerful function. Support superposition of unlimited layers, provide precise object material control parameters, support unlimited and various space light sources, customize attributes of three-dimensional virtual camera, simulate motion shooting effect of camera, achieve seamless integration of two-dimensional scene, three-dimensional scene and object in the real three-dimensional space, and create charming, complicated and lifelike visual effects.

Best camera tracking technology 
Dunhuang visual effect synthesis system has an advanced automatic camera tracking function. The system can automatically track feature points in the real picture, solve the precise camera tracking data, make camera parameters in the three-dimensional scene and camera parameters for real shooting completely matched, synthesize through Dunhuang three-dimensional synthesizer, and achieve perfect combination of real scene and three-dimensional scene.

Drawing providing wide creation space
Dunhuang system provides a new digital drawing tool and it can achieve layered drawing with various styles together with animation set tracking function of Dunhuang, so as to provide artists with large free space for creation.

Efficient customized flowchart template function 
In Dunhuang system, users can store the overall effect of flowchart package created by designers as a template based on needs. The temperate can be used on timeline fragment as filter special effect, so as to reduce much repetitive work. 

Multi-cam editing to master the whole scene easily 
Provide multi-channel linkage playback and complete editing immediately by clicking required lens. The flexible and efficient timeline tool can achieve quick replacement of  material segments. It can expand to 16 channels at most, so as to help to record each wonderful shot.

New and high-quality Mariana.5D graphic and text package plug-in 
Mariana.5D graphic and text package plug-in with excellent three-dimensional graphic effect provides high-quality subtitle and graphic effects. You can use abundant and magnificent synthesis effect template to get fresh visual experience.

Omni-directional and multi-purpose A10 subtitle plug-in
The new and upgraded 64-bit A10 subtitle system can process various subtitle types generally used in TV programs (such as static subtitle, scrolling subtitle and lyric subtitle). Flexible and several operation modes make you directly modify text contents and input/output time codes of special effects on the timeline.

High-end three-dimensional visual effect (3D film) post production function 
Dunhuang system provides a series of revolutionary three-dimensional visual effect post production techniques, so as to help you hold trends of 3D films and realize editing and package of 3D films and TV.

Complete editing and production function 
Editing is the basic part of post package procedure. Dunhuang system has a video/audio editing platform with complete functions and standard and efficient editing workflow. There is no need of another editing system for editing and production.

Movie-level color space 
RGBA 4:4:4:4 color space design is for post package; support 8-bit or 16-bit sampling for input and output; and 32-bit floating-point calculation is for special effect and synthesis calculation.

8K ultra HD resolution
The material resolution can support 2k and 4k, and 6K and 8K to the maximum extent. There is no need to separate picture  during processing and synthesis.

Diamond-level system performance 
Support Windows 7-64-bit operating system and multi-core parallel processing and GPU parallel graphics rendering technique, provide node and timeline caching function (Cache) in the system, and ensure the real-time performance of system to the maximum extent. 

Professional special effect synthesis 
Rich visual effect and synthesis tools such as tools for professional color correction, chroma key, motion tracking, dynamic masking, and 3D synthesizer.

Integrated workflow 
Provide package workflow integrated with editing and production and special effect synthesis and support unlimited nesting between timeline and flowchart.

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